Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Two payment plans are available for both Semester I and Semester II. The payment plan selected for Semester I will continue through Semester II unless the Business Administrator is notified in writing of any changes.

Payment Plan #1: One payment per semester. Families electing this payment plan receive a discount off regular semester tuition: the discount has already been deducted from the tuition rates listed on the tuition charts. Semester I payment deadline is August 1. Semester II payment deadline is December 1.

Payment plan #2: Two payments are made each semester. Semester I deadlines are August 1 and October 1. Semester II payment deadlines are December 1 and February 1.

A late fee of $40 will be assessed for each late payment. Payments are considered late when they are not postmarked by the payment deadline/s of your selected payment plan. A change in payment plan must be made in writing to the Business Administrator.


Payment Methods

Please Note that financial payments of any kind are not to be given to teachers. Tuition payments may be made in one of the following ways:

Mailing payment to:

Suzuki Music School
Attn: Business Administrator
52549 Gumwood Road
Granger, IN 46530

Submitting payment to the Business Administrator in the school office.

Dropping payment in the slot of the locked, BLACK mailbox under the stairs near the rear entrance door leading from the parking lot. Payments should NEVER be left in the green US Postal Service mailbox on Gumwood Road!


Enrollment Duration

All students wishing to continue their musical education at Suzuki Music School submit an enrollment application annually by the specified deadline. By submitting an application, the student is applying for enrollment for the two-semester academic year (September through May) or the remainder thereof. However, students may withdraw, without financial obligation of the second semester tuition, by submission of an advance written notice to the Business Administrator no later than December 1.


Financial Agreement

Regardless of selected payment plan, obligation to pay for the full semester is unconditional and no portion of the tuition, paid or outstanding, will be refunded, transferred or canceled in the event of absence or withdrawal, unless withdrawal is made at the request of Suzuki Music School. In the event of dismissal of a student by Suzuki Music School, or if Suzuki Music School requests withdrawal of a student, tuition (excluding fees) will be prorated and paid only for the period of actual enrollment.

Obligation to pay tuition will automatically continue to the subsequent semester of the same year, unless a written notice of withdrawal is submitted to the Suzuki Music School’s Business Administrator no later than December 1 preceding the respective second semester.

Individual teachers have no authority to make any binding agreement with parents or students regarding tuition or other financial matters. All financial issues or questions will be addressed by the Business Administrator, in consultation with the Board of Directors as appropriate.

Enrolled students are bound by the tuition/fee payment plan/s that they have selected. In the event that Suzuki Music School employs an attorney to collect any fees or tuition that have not been paid, the parent or guardian of that student will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the collection action, including attorney’s fees.

"First for the love of the child; second for the love of teaching the child; and third for the love of the music that is taught to the child. But the child always comes first." - Shinichi Suzuki