Semester Tuition

Tuition is arranged on a semester basis: Semester I (September through January) and Semester II (January through May). Each semester includes 15 weeks of individual lessons, thirteen weeks of group classes, and an enrichment concert. Weekly classes during the semester are comprised of a) an individual lesson, b) a group repertoire/ performance class, and c) a group theory, reading or ensemble class.

Tuition is based on one semester. Payments may be made in one or two increments (see Payment Plans). There is a discount of tuition for families who opt to make one payment per semester.

Since the school commits resources prior to the beginning of each semester, we are unable to refund semester tuition/fees, in whole or in part. Obligation to pay Semester II tuition will be waived if the applicant’s family notifies the Business Administrator, by December 1, in writing of their intention to withdraw.

* For the Suzuki Music School Application and Pricing, please call our office at 574-271-0334.

Tuition: Summer Session

The Suzuki Music School offers a flexible summer session (typically June through July) of up to eight weeks of individual lessons; group classes are not offered in the summer. Although the summer session is optional, most students, with few exceptions, will enroll in this session in order to maintain or advance their skills through the summer. The summer session is frequently the best time for new students to begin their individual lessons on an instrument of their choice although new students are always welcome at any time during the year, provided space is available. Parents/students may select how many summer sessions they would like.

Enrollment applications for the summer will be distributed to all currently enrolled families near the end of Semester II. Tuition is not discounted for additional students from the same family who are concurrently enrolled during the summer session.

* For the Suzuki Music School Summer Application and Pricing, please call our office at 574-271-0334.

Additional Fees

Additional fees, as applicable to each family and/or applicant, will be invoiced on the August 1 bill, regardless of payment plan selected. For applicants entering mid-year, fees will be invoiced on the first bill. The following is a list of fees, but the current amounts can be obtained from the SMSG office:

Registration Fee: An annual registration fee per family and non-refundable.

Non-Volunteer Fee: For those families who prefer not to donate their time and skills in volunteer service to the school, payment of this fee will exempt a family from volunteer service for the entire academic year.

Materials Fee: A one-time fee per family for students beginning instruction on an instrument, excludes Music & Movement applicants. This fee includes: Suzuki Book 1, Suzuki CD, theory book, theory kit, performance shirt, and Helping Parents Practice.

Performance Shirts: A performance shirt is required for all Suzuki Music School students including Music & Movement students. Returning students may use shirts from the previous year. Students are responsible for acquiring their own black pants/skirt, black shoes, and black socks/hosiery.

Theory Kit (Theory II): Students who are progressing to Theory II for the coming academic school year will need to purchase a theory II kit from the office during business hours.

Graduation Fee: Students, who have completed a music book in the Suzuki progression by October 15, pay the graduation fee prior to their graduation recital in November. This fee covers the costs associated with the graduation recital and includes a laminated and matted copy of their graduation certificate.

Late Fee: Payments are considered late when they are not postmarked by the deadline/s of your selected payment plan. A change in payment plan must be made in writing to the Business Administrator.

Musical Supplies

Each student is responsible for purchasing or renting his/her instrument as well as any additional, appropriate accessories (e.g., a shoulder rest for viola/violins, a chair for cellos). In order to maintain the excellence of musical education at Suzuki Music School, there are minimum standard for quality for all instruments. We ask that all new parents contact the school prior to purchasing their child’s first instrument. Faculty members are also available to assist in selecting instruments of correct size and appropriate price for your child.

For families who have their first child starting instruction on an instrument, a set of necessary materials (see Materials Fee) will be provided when needed for classes or concerts with the Suzuki Music School.

As your child progresses, it will be necessary to purchase additional books, theory kits, and CDs/Digital Downloads for each new level. Many of these supplies are conveniently available for purchase in the Suzuki Music School office.

Suzuki Workshops & Institutes

There are many Suzuki workshops and institutes that students and their families may want to attend. These can range in price from $75 for a Saturday workshop to $500 or more for a major summer institute requiring room and board for an extended stay (depending on the size of your family).

These workshops and institutes are a wonderful opportunity for musical growth, and families are encouraged to attend one of the many offered each year in our region. Information about upcoming institutes and workshops is posted on the information board in the library area outside the Mozart classroom.

"We all have unlimited shortcomings. Yet one way of seeing things is to consider our lives as a time frame that allows us continually to work at changing our weaknesses into strengths. This, I must say, is an intriguing task." - Shinichi Suzuki